Israel 2024 UPDATE: Itinerary, Registration Form, and LOWER PRICE!

We have now locked in our price for our Holy Land Experience, and it is lower!

Cost Breakdown

Total Cost is $4043 per person, based on a group of fifteen. If we have twenty or more, then total cost will go down even more–approximately $180 per person. 

  • This fare is based on travel from Atlanta. So you would need to either get to Atlanta and meet us or make all your own arrangements and meet us in Tel Aviv. If you take that option, your cost would be $2763.
  • $3868: Airfare, accomodations, breakfast and dinner, tour guide and driver, entrance fees, tips
  • $75: love offering for driver and tour guide
  • $50: travel insurance provided by MissionSafe (required)
  • $50: miscellaneous (tips for stateside baggage handlers, emergencies, delays, other unforeseen circumstances etc)

Anything that isn’t used will be refunded to you once we get back. 


Our itinerary will literally take us from one end of the country to the other, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea, Nazareth to Bethlehem, Capernaum to Jerusalem. Click on the link below to get a detailed itinerary (with pretty pictures).


Please print the registration form below. The tour company requires the form with your signature on it, so you can send a hard copy with your deposit, or you can attach it to an email and send it to

Please note that the cost of trip insurance is already figured into the total price of the trip, so DO NOT APPLY FOR TRIP INSURANCE THROUGH ALLIANZ. Our insurance will be through MissionSafe, the recommended insurance carrier of our state Baptist convention.

I’ve taken the liberty of checking the “no” line for insurance. However, you still have to sign that you have read and understood the information.


All payments will be made to Glynwood Baptist Church, and we will send one check from the church. Throughout the brochure, there are references to one price for credit and another for check, as well as instructions to send payments directly to the tour company. Ignore that.

You can either mail a check with your registration form (one for each attendee) or you pay online at

  • $300  due at registration (nonrefundable unless entire trip is cancelled)
  • June 1: First payment: $1784
  • September 1: Second Payment: $1784
  • November 1: Final payment of $175

Please carefully read the details about refunds on page 4 of the brochure.


If you have any other questions, please email me at the above address. I’ll be happy to answer any questions by phone as well. Email first, and I can follow up with a phone call if you’d like.





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