Day 319: The Guest at the Head of the Table (Luke 24:30)

30 When he was at table with them, he took the bread and blessed and broke it and gave it to them. (Luke 24:30)

Through the Bible: Luke 24, John 20-21

The two Emmaus disciples invite Jesus to their table. They sit down together. Jesus takes the bread, says the blessing, and serves the disciples.

Have you ever stopped to consider the oddness of this scene? Jesus is the guest in what was most likely Cleopas’s home. Think about your Thanksgiving meal. Think about who says the blessing. Who sits at the head of the table? Isn’t it always the the head the household hosting the meal? That’s usually the way we do it.

But in this story, it is Jesus—the guest, the stranger—who offers the blessing. In Jewish culture, the head of the home always says the blessing. The guest never does. Yet here was this Jesus, showing His disciples that the Scriptures were all about Him, and then taking His place at the head of the table as though He is the owner of the house, and the meal is His to bless.

Do you see the gospel? The gospel is about inviting Jesus into your life, not as a guest, not as a stranger, but as the head of the home.  It’s not just giving Jesus a seat at the table, but it’s giving Him the seat at the head of the table. Saying, “Lord Jesus, you run this show.” 

When the disciples did that, their eyes were opened, and they recognized Jesus (24:31). And then, those two disciples, who had walked away from Jerusalem in pain, discouragement, and disillusionment, came running back to Jerusalem with joy, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

This is what happens when we put Jesus at the head of the table in our lives. When we give him authority to bless us, and trust him to provide for us what we need, our eyes our open to His presence in our lives, and we can face every discouragement that comes our way.

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