From Your (almost) Pastor

On August 272017, Glynwood Baptist Church (www.glynwoodbc.com) called me to be their lead pastor. This letter is for them (as much of this blog will be in the future) but you’re welcome to read it as well. 

On behalf of Trish, Caleb, and Josh, let me say THANK YOU for the unbelievable welcome you extended to our family this past Sunday as we begin a new era of serving with you all. The day could not have been more beautiful. From the new sanctuary, to the beautiful decorations and interior accents, to the great job the tech crew did (adjusting the sound mix to accommodate a full room for the first time is no easy task!), to the amazing work Gary did filling in for Mike at the last minute, to the joy of baptism, to the food at the reception, it was just an amazing day from start to finish.

And, oh yeah. There was a vote. Glynwood family, to say we were overwhelmed and gratified by the outpouring of support—both in the vote itself and in the countless Facebook messages and posts since—would be an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

old guySo, one of the questions I got a lot on Sunday was, “What do you want us to call you?” As far as the name goes, James is fine. If you’ve taught your kids that it’s rude to refer to grown-ups by their first name, then Pastor James works. Or Brother James. Reverend Jackson would be pretty far down the list of preferences, but I’ll answer to anything. In fact, here’s a picture of my name tag from when I preach kids camp (I’m not making this up!)

You can also follow me on Twitter (@Jackson_JamesL); Instagram (@jamestn1010) and Facebook (James Jackson). If you have any questions about any of those, ask Edgar. 🙂 Eventually I’ll have a church email address, but for now, you can reach me at jamestn1010@gmail.com.

Great days are ahead, and there is so much joy in the journey. We love you!






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