Category: Weekly pastor column

  • One Sacred Effort

    The most significant thing that happened at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention is something the rest of the world doesn’t think is significant at all.

  • The High Cost of Floating Along

    One of the “high points” of a trip to Israel is actually a low point—the Dead Sea. At 1,385 feet below sea level, it is literally the lowest spot on the globe. We had a ball floating in the Dead Sea. Because the Dead Sea has no outlets, all the minerals flowing into it make…

  • Living in the Wild

    I love Vacation Bible School! There’s an excitement and an energy around the church that simply cannot be duplicated any other time of the year. And I am so thankful for the countless hours of preparation that go into every facet of it. Leslie Whaley, you are a rock star leading rock stars, and I…

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