Category: Baptists

  • Three Lessons from Sabbatical

    Last month, the church I pastor blessed me with a one month sabbatical. They have it written into the personnel policy handbook that after serving for five years, the pastor is granted a 30 day sabbatical leave in addition to his regular vacation and time off. If you are an influencer in your church, particularly…

  • Who’s Your One?

    Everyone knows someone who doesn’t know The One. You are the one to lead your one to that one!

  • Baptists: Are You Not Entertained?

    There is a scene in Gladiator in which Maximus, the general-turned slave-turned Gladiator throws his sword into the stands and screams “Are you not entertained?” to the crowd that has just witnessed him fight another gladiator to the death. Apparently, some Baptists are not entertained. Several weeks ago, a parody of Run-DMC’s song “It’s Tricky,” with lyrics…

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