Day 288: How I Love You (A Prayer of thanks from Mark 5)

But the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came in fear and trembling and fell down before him and told him the whole truth.(Mark 5:33)

Through the Bible: Mark 4-5

 My Jesus, I love you.

I love you for feeling the desperate touch of one person when a whole crowd was pressing around you (Mark 5:30-31).

I love you for pausing on the way to help someone “important” for the sake of someone anonymous (5:32).

I love you, because  the important person was a ruler of the synagogue, and the woman hadn’t even been allowed in the synagogue for twelve years (5:22,25; cf Leviticus 15:19).

I love you, because you didn’t rebuke an unclean woman when she touched you. The truth is, you don’t rebuke people nearly as much as most people think you do.

I love you, because you took the time to listen to her tell you the whole truth (5:33). What did you hear? How long did it take to hear twelve years worth of hurt, fear, anxiety, disappointment, and disillusionment from a woman who had not been allowed to talk to anyone for over a decade? And what was Jairus, this important synagogue ruler with a little girl on the brink of death, doing while You listened to her? Pacing? Doing some tugging of his own on the hem of Your garment?

But my Jesus, You listened to her! And when you had heard “the whole truth,” You called her “daughter” (5:34).

How I love that You would not be hurried. And oh my Lord, how many times have I cut short a conversation because of the terribly important places I had to go, and the terribly important people I had to please? That’s the whole truth about me this morning. You hear it, and yet you still call me Your son.

And Jesus, I love You for speaking words of resurrection to Jairus’s daughter. You spoke them tenderly (“Talitha”—little girl. “Cumi—rise). You spoke them in Aramaic— a language she would understand.  

My Jesus, I love You, because You still speak tenderly and understandably to Your sons and daughters to this day. Thank You. How I love you.


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